June 5, 2009

The Oak St. berry patch...

Several mornings this spring i would wake up and walk outside with the dog to pick a handful of ripe berries... Sitting on the back step tossing strawberry tops into the yard for Icarus to hunt down. Already i find myself missing those cool mornings, more recently replaced with sweltering heat. To be honest I'm pretty thankful for all of these storms we've been having, even the hail was interesting (though we now have perforated sunflowers).

Now, I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but for some reason our three year old ever bearing strawberries are no longer fruiting. Its sort of got me down, but I am still looking forward to the blackberry, raspberry, and June bearing strawberries... We even had a wild blackberry bush find its way to our side yard, and its covered in barely blushing green fruits.

Bare feet, dewy grass, and fresh air are something to be thankful for, for sure. Something that just felt right.


Susan said...

I share your berry love. In our very sad little garden, I am trying, without too much luck to grow raspberries, blueberries and strawberries. We have more raspberries this year than last but they are all small and compact and dry looking. Last year we had much less but they were at least a decent size. Same problem with the blueberries, lots more than last year but not growing very well. But the bushes are still young so my expectations are too high for this summer. And the strawberries were being eaten by bugs and squirrels last year so this year I hung them but I don't think they get enough sunlight and therefore aren't ripening. Sigh... so we still pay through the nose to eat the sweet summer treats.

Really like your blog.

The Oak Leaves said...

Thanks Susan!
Ive just this year planted a couple of raspberry bushes as well... ive so far eaten 3 ripe berries. though around here we've had nothing but rain, so many of our fruits are a little on the tasteless side.
I didnt have many bug problems with the strawberries, but slugs have been a big bother. I defintely found plenty nearly hollow berries with slugs inside. (i just throw them into my neighbors yard, its hard for me to hurt something).

Where are you gardening? Im in virginia with nothing but humidity, so im a slow moving garderner... trying to keep everything organic as well.

well, i wish you the best of luck with your berry gardening!

Susan said...

Thanks for the laugh this morning! I hope the neighbours haven't found you out! The slugs I find in the garden, I put on a leaf and transport them across the path to the park across from us. I hate hurting them too... I'm glad I'm not alone. People usually think I'm weird. Actually, I don't ever tell them but I am sure my neighbours wonder what I am doing.

I have one pink strawberry that I am trying not to get too excited about because that is usually when they disappear. This morning I took off some leaves so the berries could have more exposure to sun (which seems to have disappeared for the next week or so) but now the birds can see them. So we'll see.

I'm in a Vancouver suburb in British Columbia. We've just had a month of beautiful summer weather but that just may have been our summer.. at least for a while. We can have long stretches of cool wet weather in the summer... well most of the year!

Enjoy your weekend and I look forward to your next post. I have to get back to blogging, myself, but life has been really busy lately. Take care.

The Oak Leaves said...

Oh, that's so funny... i forgot to mention my neighbors and i don't quite see eye to eye. They shouldn't mind, they don't even have grass in their back yard, just dirt. So i figure slugs wont hurt anything over there.