June 4, 2012


...I call em that cause im... 
well, just cause.
It comes out sometimes

Sparrow died last week,
And to curb our sorrow
We took in two kittens;
Ellie and Ash.


kate said...

Oh man, so sorry for your loss. It's so awful when a pet dies. You folks are in my thoughts.

Congrats on the new kitties! I'm sure they'll thrive in your home!

The Oak Leaves said...

Thanks, its terrible when it happens out of the blue like it did. He had a blood clot lodge in his spine and he was paralyzed :( At least the 6 years he had were happy, and he got a few month on the new "farm" with us... We named out pond after him so we'll have a nice reminder...

The kittens are terribly fun! We just took them to the vet today though and found out that one of them isnt a girl at all :) funny! we had to switch their names...