June 1, 2012


We have these everywhere
It seems
I cut a bunch and brought them into the kitchen
In a mason jar

The dog is barking at the Thunder
And a frog is croaking in the cellar
Pasta is boiling on the stove
And Im waiting for my love to come home


kate said...

Pretty. Growing wild, I'm assuming?
Never had much luck with Dianthus. I get big blooms one year and they never seem to want to come back. And if they do, they're leggy and sparse.

The Oak Leaves said...

Yep Kate, they are growing wild everywhere... Its one of those things where I never noticed them before, but now that they are growing in my yard and Ive identified them- I see them around every corner.

Im not even a real fan of most dianthus, or most pink things for that matter, but these little wild ones are nice...

I wonder if your right on the edge of their climate zone... we sell them as annuals here.

kate said...

Not sure. They're sold as perennials in the local greenhouses. My grandmother's come back year after year and almost take over the borders of her gardens. Maybe it's my soil.