January 17, 2012

Seven's on the left 
With little Sparrow under foot
This was 5 years, or so, ago

Sparrow is no longer little and Seven still hates him
In fact, we rarely see Seven, as i'm sure he has multiple homes...
He comes and goes as he pleases
Though i wish he'd just stay put!

There is so much going on this year that my heads been spinnin'. I try to put things out of my mind and just let what will happen, happen. But its so hard to do. Seems our housing situation has changed every time i turn around. We've been determined to move someplace with more land for quite some time now. And situations just kept presenting themselves to us and then, usually at the last minute, completely falling through. First there was the 22 acres in Locust grove, then the more than dream worthy Bickers farm, then the 9 acres with a pond... None of them working out in the end. So here we are on Oak street. But, unwilling to give up that easily, we have made an offer on 2 acres near the blue ridge mountains. No where near the amount of land we were after, but perhaps there's one more stepping stone we have to cross before reaching our forever home. We will hear back on that late this week. Hopefully. As I said, I've kind of quit my mind of it, because its all getting to much to handle...

And, on top of that- I AM PREGNANT. 
And its making me entirely crazy!
More on that later

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Hanna said...

Wow, congratulations!!!