January 17, 2012

(1858 detached kitchen with view of green barn)

Here is an awful photo 
From the listing 
Of the house

Our offer was just accepted on!

So, there are still inspections and actual loan gettings to be got, but we're one step closer than we were yesterday. And despite all that, I am still pregnant, and therefore, still grumpy. Not because Im pregnant, but because I am pregnant. Does that make since? Yep, so im feeling more than a bit crazy as well.... So, im really trying just not to think. Im sure thats the answer!


tj said...

...I am soooo happy for you! Not only the dream farm but the baby too! Congrat's! Congrat's! Congrat's! [said like Gomer Pyle] ;o)

...I love the photo and already am hoping there's an old window complete with old glass behind the boarded up window frame I see in the photo. We live in an 1800's log home but sadly urban sprawl has made its presence known and we too, in the near future will be seeking another place.

...I am keeping you in my prayers that this all comes thru without a hitch. :o)

...Peace & Blessings

kate said...

Hey, a lot has changed since the last time I checked in, I see! CONGRATS on both the farm and the baby! So wonderful!

onesilentwinter said...

How exciting, i will keep positive thoughts for smooth transition into thsi lovely magical place! Congrats on your pregnancy!

Hanna said...

Yay! I can't wait to see more pictures of the home.