May 3, 2011

In general,
My favorite foods 
Are potatoes
And cheese

And I absolutely can not wait
To get these purple spuds from my garden
And make cheese in my own kitchen
Does anyone know where I can get raw milk
Near Fredericksburg?

I've been day dreaming of these sorts of things on this fine day


Anonymous said...

Mmm... potatoes! My mom has the most awesome recipe for roasted potatoes... she's making them for lunch tomorrow, and I'm very excited. :)

You should totally make your own cheese, by the way. ;D Or butter, you could buy an old-fashioned butter churn! LOL

The Oak Leaves said...

Mmm is right! I love potatoes in nearly any form...

Id like to make my own butter churn.
That will definitely be one of my first carpentry projects once we get the wood shop rebuilt next year. Working wood is one of my favorite things as well!

Anonymous said...

A butter churn would be a neat project... you'd have to post photos so I could see it! :)