May 5, 2011

Im always ready and willing to take a drive out to the country
Regardless of what I may be doing

A few days prior,
Stephen set out to find a roof rack for his Volkswagon
This was our view along the way
And of course the handsome man himself 
Installing his new roof rack


Anonymous said...

It looks like your drive in the country was lovely! (I love how in one photo, the grass closest to you is all blurred but the cows in the distance are in focus. :)

Amanda ~ Blue LaReve said...

Beautiful drive! It's so nice to see green again after a long winter!

The Oak Leaves said...

Tell me about it Amanda! I get so depressed all winter. All i think about (or for that matter talk about) is gardening the following spring!

And thanks Taylor Lynn, I always love the taking pictures while driving blurs the foreground!