May 3, 2011

I just purchased this couple

Two nice little prints to hang 
Over our bed

Our bedroom is the entire attic of our 1940's home,
Its got the potential to be great,
But needed a ton of work
Which required a lot of money we just didn't have when we first moved in,
So after the demolition stage of the update,
We didn't get much further

There is drywall up on about 1/4 of the walls
Hardly any of which is mudded as of yet.

We'll get there though
Slow and steady wins the race
And what not


Anonymous said...

Love 'em! I'm sure they'll look great in the bedroom. :)

another feather said...

I have been eyeing those illustrations for quite some time now! so lovely. you are so lucky to now be an owner of them! They will just be perfect above a bed!