February 17, 2011

We try to get into the woods every day, but we neglected to go walking today....
So heres an old one of my boys on an enjoyable one.

 I put on my boots, grabbed my gloves
and headed out into the yard to dig up daffodils...

I've got roughly 50 feet of daffodils lining my driveway
However, I've also got roughly 50 feet of grass and weeds mixed in with them.
If i don't get rid of the weeds my lovely neighbors will spray round up through the fence
And into my yard where no chemicals ever meet the earth...
Im planning to build a bed out of some old planks of wood we've had lying around out back
Im about a 1/3 of the way done.
I cant wait for tomorrow.

I've gotten a bit of the dirt out
from under my nails,
I like to leave a little evidence of my day in there...

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I'll be drawing a name on the 20th!


Liane said...

Oh that's awesome about leaving some dirt under your nails. I know EXACTLY what you mean.

The Oak Leaves said...

My mom usually has something to say about it :)

beth said...

beautiful photo!