December 1, 2010

here is a lovely (and notedly very dry) shamrock that i may have pinched
from a pot in my parents foyer a few weeks back...
I was happy to find new leaves this morning!

So, I've admittedly got a problem;
I buy every fern I can get my hands on
There are 13 plants in my living room alone
~Houseplants a plenty~

However, I'm terrible at keeping them
I come home from work where its my job to water plants,
and by that time have apparently lost my appetite for it, so i just don't...
Until they look like their on their way out at which point i rush in to the rescue
sometimes I win, but most times i lose

Now, don't get me wrong i don't kill all houseplants
It seems that there are key places in my house to situate them ...IF i want them to live that is.
places like the edge of the bathtub, the kitchen windowsill right above the sink,
places with water... because I'm obviously to lazy to pick up a watering can
and walk with it to a point 10 or 20 feet away.

I'm trying to do better, i really am...
I don't know what else to say?

just pathetic...

...Why oh why cant I behave more like this lovely lady?

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