November 28, 2010

The early winter...

I've taken to bundling up as of late
two pairs of pants, it seems, are far better than one
and woolen socks and sweaters couldn't hurt either
I'd rather heat myself than heat my house
So i'm taking to the blankets
this winter...

This morning the garden is golden and frosted
but still putting out quite an effort
the strawberries have been mulched and the Echinacea cut back
somehow I still need to cut the grass one last time
but who wants to do that?

I'd like to work on my corn husk rope for bottoming my stool
however I NEED to be wrist deep in clay...
whine whine whine... I'd better get to it

I hope you all are warm today!

ps. still busy trying to figure a way onto that farm from my last post...

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