May 4, 2010

Old Friends...

Gorgeous Photo by: dayhinako's photostream

What a gorgeous scene. Like everything i love has all come together for a group shot. Well, not Everything... But mosses, I believe i see a little fern in there, many labels, and old wood with tiny compartments... Just tickled me. I have been so terribly missing my loves as of late. No terrarium building for me. I think I'm down to only one in my entire house. He is the tried and true tester terrarium, from back when I made a business of it. You know, back before every Tom, Dick, and Henrietta did the same... Right now its quite over crowded with several unidentified ferns, Labrador violets which are quite leggy, perry winkle, partridge berry, rattlesnake plantain, and a few mosses. Perhaps ill clean him up tonight or tomorrow morning... I hope you all have a wonderful evening.

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Earth Girl Knits (Emily) said...

GORGEOUS! I love the wooden piece used for a planter. And of course each little plant in the sections. :)