November 20, 2009

Bantam Houses Beneath a Thunderous Sky

Painting by Margaux of Black Spot Books

Stumbling upon something like this has got to be the best way to do it...

Often times ill get a conversation from a fellow artist that they have been in some way inspired by something I've created... Either to make some bit of art or just to write about it in their blogs and such. But the best way to find that this has happened has got to be just to stumble upon it through my own curious journey.
Today i was fortunate enough to come across some tiny book necklaces by The Black Spot Books, which led me to the above painting she had done of the Shelf city I sent her. Made my heart skip a beat... I Simply can not wait until i have the funds to procure one!


ann ladson said...

I can't tel you how much I love my shelf city, I fabricated a walnut shelf for it, just below one of my favorite prints. My mom came by yesterday and was totally sweating it, i may need to order another, I just wanted to comment on the is drawing as well, it so captures just how lovely the buildings are, I think you are incredibly talented. thanks again!

The Oak Leaves said...

oh wow, thats so kind of you to say! thanks so much! Im glad your enjoying them!