August 10, 2009

Tomato Blossoms...

Just saying a quick hello on this hot muggy Virginia day! ... and sharing some of what my gardens growing these days. This is on some sort of yellow lemon tomato my boss suggested i buy. He knows i don't like tomatoes, but said that if i grew this one, id change my mind... Well, sorry Bill, but they were just as terrible as all the others (Stephen likes 'em though).

On another note, aside from being 100 degrees or so, today has just not been my all! I am hoping to wake up tomorrow and have just as many things go right as all the bad things i ran into today. So heres hoping!


jene said...

i had a nice little potted garden growing outside at my last place. had to bring it inside here and i've watched them all die off one by one. surprisingly bugs got to most of them... indoors? i have much to learn from my mom about plants.

The Oak Leaves said...

Well, bringing plants, particularly veggies indoors can be quite an exercise in patience... that's for sure. It would have been difficult in your case having previously planted your veggies elsewhere... but next year, you should first sterilize your soil in the oven at 200 degrees for 2 hours to kill off any lingering eggs (there are usually many hiding out). Your also gonna need a spot with very bright but also indirect sunlight. There are some great organic veggie fertilizers here in town too. Just let me know any questions you ever have about it, id be happy to help :)

hope your enjoying this new house!