March 21, 2009

Lichen for the guest room...

Gorgeous photo by BelleHandmade.
*click photo to enlarge

For so long now... well for the 3 years since we've moved into this house really... i have been endlessly planning and re planning every detail for this house. I lie awake at night, unable to sleep, until at least one room in the house have been fully decorated in my head... then i do it all over again the following night.
lately my mind has been bent on a yellow guest room, which will also be home to most of the houseplants. Id really love to have broadly striped pale and mustard walls, with an olive green trim (yes i like bold!). And several days ago i just happened upon this gorgeous print by BelleHandmade on Etsy. It really has all of those wonderful spring colors in one place.
Now, if only i can persuade Stephen (my unknowing husband) that the yellow and green is the right way to go... then i am going to plan the room right around this lovely artwork. I already have a pale blue twin bed, an antique white wardrobe, a thin tall black dresser, and my great grandmothers dark wooden china hutch to work with. Yes, its a lot of furniture for a room that's somewhere between 10x10 and 13x13 (no i haven't measured), but Ive got a plan... actually Ive got lots of them.
So, for this coming weeks blog art collection, ill be working around the plans for our cheery yellow guest room. But for now, its well beyond time for bed.


The Oak Leaves said...

Ive purchased this print now and cant wait for it to arrive, although im now not sure weather it will end up in the guest room or living room? Do you think it would look better on yellow of navy blue?

Emily said...

Lichen and moss are two of my favorite growing things. Lovely!