March 28, 2009

Collection No.2

I am just absolutely thrilled to share these lovely artworks with you. With a small bit of fortune i was able to purchase more than i ever have before all at once. I'm happily awaiting the arrival of these wonders in my mailbox, and i couldn't be more excited about it. (though it really did hurt to spend over $200)

This week i skipped over the guest room collection and actually purchased this collection for the middle of my bare living room wall. The walls are painted very dark navy blue and the ceiling is a bright sky blue. Unfortunately I'm not sure i can round up enough empty frames in the house for all 11 prints (plus some others Ive already ordered)... So ill have to scrounge around in a place or two. Hopefully my parents don't mind if i rummage through their basement, i know there is much to be found down there.

As far as Mattes are concerned i have some matte board i purchased sometime last year with the best of intentions... I had meant to cut mattes and upholster them with fabric scraps to sell in my shop. But seeing as procrastination really is my forte, buying that board was as far as i got on that little project. So ill have to get to work making some fabric covered mattes to match each of these different artworks.

Ill be sure to share along the way and then once they are all hung, though I'm positive that wont be any time soon :) All of these images can be found in my etsy favorites section to the right...

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