September 2, 2012

(my heart sings)

Last night a black and white striped critter (chicken) made it atop the coop- which is roughly ~10 ft tall? crazy critter. We have officially named the leader of the flock Rooster Cogburn, from one of my favorite beautiful movies; True Grit... The nursery has finally been- mostly- put together, with a long list of generous hand-me-downs and hand mades from those who think us dear... and as much as I hate it, Little Fisher slept in said room, in his own crib last night... for 6 straight hours... which upon waking just about gave this little mama a heart attack as I searched the sheets and bassinet for the babe usually sleeping by my side... Also, i want to start having people over- awkward social anxiety and all... I want to build up a community around me.... annnnd Fisher is crying so hear I go to rock and feed him- which I thoroughly truly love doing.


Hanna said...

Please post photos of the nursery! Can't wait to see it.

annamaria said...

Thank you for posting these videos. They are really beautiful and thought provoking.
Enjoy your 'new life',with baby and nursery and all, it's all so very very sweet. One step at a time does it.xodsiv 2

Hartwood Roses said...

I will happily be one of your test visitors! Won't stay long, I promise.

I remember the first time Cathy slept through the night. I woke up in a panic and ran to her room to make sure she was still breathing.