August 14, 2012

So, I suppose you may be wondering why I've been absent?
Well, for one, we've been trying to pull together a nursery,
and two- I am lazy.

My little Fisher Gray is due tomorrow

(lets hope he comes cause I am tired of waiting)
And I am less than patient
At this point

Well, anyhow, things outside have been moving at our standard slow pace. Clean up of junk continues.... I also continue to search out cheap but sturdy and reliable goat fencing. Once we get that set up, our friend Jeanne will be ever so kindly gifting us a couple of goats (for which we are very thankful!).  Then we should be in the midst of our first fall here. Im excited to see what colors the maples will turn- as Im not at all sure of what variety they may be- Stephen probably has a better idea... I plan to take the winter to prepare the gardens and section off the yard with various fences; chicken fence, goat fence, Fisher fence (haha- not really- that would be the front yard fence), garden fence, split rail fence, picket fence, this fence, that fence.... you get the idea, lots of fence. I also need to level some land, relieve it of stones, add manure, and till. If your thinking winter is not quite the right time to do this- you are right! But, it is, however, when I will be doing it. I need to get started early. I know me - and me doesn't get things done on time (often even with a very early start). So with Fisher securely strapped to my back- this year- I work. Or at least that is the plan.

Ps I cant wait to introduce you to the babe!

I just happened on the next of these videos I keep showing you
Hope you're interested in another!
(I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make it bigger and its driving me crazy!)


kate said...

Best of luck to the both of you! Can't wait to meet your new little man!!!

Anonymous said...

i hope everything has gone well with little fisher coming into your lives. please share pics : ] ~jene

kate said...

Yes, please! I keep popping by to see if you've posted an update. You're in my thoughts!