June 26, 2012

...or may not want to watch

But here, is a good example of the way in which we'd like to feed ourselves. Last night we lay in bed discussing goats, for instance... Meat goats? milk goats? dual purpose? fencing? ...and once they clear the way; hogs? ducks? rabbits?

We dont want to dive in too fast- 
But at the same time, we really do.
The planning stage has arrived,


Liane said...

thanks for the video. and happy for you with your homesteading adventure.

The Oak Leaves said...

Thanks, we're pretty happy too!

Dorien Ruben said...

wonderful :) I wish I could live a bit like that, too. I'll have to wait more and see how my life develops ;) It's great that you get to be where you are already! :)