November 22, 2011

                                                  On The Anatomy Of Thrift: Side Butchery from farmrun on Vimeo.

Am I wrong to wish
They'd shown how to humanely kill
And then gut the animal first?


tj said...

...No, not at all. I believe they did show how to humanely kill by showing the rifle aiming at the pig but they did spare the viewer the showing of the bullet entering the pig's head and then they quickly moved onto processing. And yeah, I agree that they seemingly left some things out in the very beginning with regards to slitting the pigs throat and allowing it to bleed.

...All in all, I believe that is as humane as one can get. No factory-farm-slaughtering-for-dollars-inhumane-production-line there. I just saw a video on Facebook this morning showing how they process baby turkeys, it was sickening. They processed the poults thru high speed production machines like they were soda bottles. Workers themselves not giving one thought as to the fact that they were handling/slamming/crushing/tossing a living, breathing life.

...It totally makes one think. And think hard. :o\

....Btw, thank you for the video. I am now a follower of Farmrun.


The Oak Leaves said...

agreed :) Im possibly about to acquire enough land to raise a few hogs... So a nice video with start to finish instructions would be so helpful!