September 17, 2011

This is what I want

I've been stumbling
 Through life
Trying to sort out what it is that I want
Each time I make a change
I find I haven't near made it yet
Because I've only so far taken small steps
Not that I'm afraid to leap
But mainly because I could never afford to

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I've wanted to live off the land
Well, as far back as I can remember i suppose
But One thing or another always stood in my way
Small things and large

Land ain't cheap to start with
And I've never had money

Until I found Stephen
 I was never with anyone who'd want it anyhow
Much less want to live without every modern convenience
But I believe there's a balance 'can be struck

For us it'll be farming spring to fall
And making and selling our wares all winter

There's electricity to contend with
Neither that nor the means to collect it myself are free
Of course I intend to achieve wind/solar/water power eventually
That's certainly on my list

I'd like to chop my own firewood
And heat my house by those means
Lessening my need for income

Ill open the windows at night and close them tight all day
Covered with heavy drapes to keep in the cool nights air

My water will come from streams and wells
No more city water bills for me

I'll grow my fruits, vegetables, and grains
Raise my own cattle, hogs, goats, and chickens
Hunt for deer, rabbits, and squirrels
And make my bread from a mother
Of sour dough

Then Ill save my seed
And this is how I'll eat

Ill collect the ashes
And from those make my soap
And fertilize the tomatoes

Ill make our furniture and buildings
From the trees and collect my honey from the bees

The animals will eat grass, hay, and oats
Ive grown in the fields

And the gifts I give
Will be made by my own two hands
Not bought in a store

And nary a chemical
Will ever fall from those hands to the ground
Instead Ill broadcast compost and manure
And the flowers, as a result, will grow tall

I think about it ceaselessly
Yet I am still not there
I am depressed but
Still hopeful

This world is trying to swallow me up
But I'm determined to resist its call


kate said...

This is such a wonderful post.

We must be cut from the same cloth because I want everything that you mentioned here so badly I can taste it. trying to convince everyone else, much less my husband, that this is the way i'd like it is proving to be way more than difficult.

I hope you find happiness soon.

The Oak Leaves said...

Me too! (when I do you can come and visit me :)

susie said...

I want this too. Let's take the leap. I'm 52. the sun is starting to set for me and I am realizing I have been sold a life style that is so wrong. You can't not afford to pursue your heart talking...

The Oak Leaves said...

I am giving it all ive got! Lets just hope that'll be enough!

Anonymous said...


The Oak Leaves said...

I am thankful! And determined... I get discouraged at times, but I always get back up and try again... I'm working on my house right now trying to get ti ready to sell so we can move forward!