September 8, 2011

(as the folder of photos has been named)

I'm anxiously waiting, and refusing to give it a name until I know it is, without a doubt, ours. Although as of this instant its still far from it. I've got the kindest team of friends working towards that very goal, though.... The thing is, Tom doesn't even know me. I mean, we've met. But only twice. I suppose its only out of a deep love for his new bride (and my lifelong best friend) and perhaps just out of the kindness of his heart, that he endeavors to help us obtain our dreams. But regardless of his reasons, I will be forever thankful to him for any and all efforts put forward on our behalf.

As for the farm itself... It is by no means perfect.... (yet). But as a born and raised optimist and do it your selfer, I'm pretty certain we can quickly obtain greatness. The potential is undeniable (at least to us), which is all that really matters in the long run anyhow. Here is what I'd be working with. An old house built in 1880 with foundations of native stone, and I suspect wood from the land cleared to build it. Hovering precariously over head is a mighty old oak at least three times as old!!! We all know of my most sincere love for any and all trees, but in particular the Oaks...  There is also a small guest house that would eventually serve as our studio, a three stall lean to type of rustic barn, a big old walnut tree with several of it offspring growing nearby,  a curved driveway to line with forest pansy red buds, and 22 acres of land half in grass and half in forest. I wont even get into the hurdles, because the potential, at least for me, dwarfs them completely.

The ever beautiful Sarah (the best friend) has jokingly offered to gift us our first cow from their nearby cattle farm (she'd better know not to joke like that unless she wants to be taken up on the offer). As i fully intend to raise a few heads of cattle, along with chickens, guinea fowl, goats, and pigs. We will also be striving for complete self sufficiency. Obviously this is quite a lofty goal, but one ill always look towards. We hope to provide a 20 person CSA within 5-7 years time from our gardens of only heirloom varieties.

We dream of planting small orchards, with berry patches and an apiary.
Boy, wouldn't life just be grand.

Lets hope the good wills of Tom, farm credit, and our good intentions favor us in this endeavor!

(PS I realize i said i wouldn't be back for a while but apparently i was wrong, huh?)


daydreaming_girl said...

I will certainly gift you with your cow! She will be the happiest, luckiest cow ever! Auntie Sarah may even get a Tiffany cow bell (JK)
Tom very much wants to help both his new best friend in law and his man crush Stephen1

Liane said...

very best of luck and hopeful wishes sent from NH!! sounds like heaven.

kate said...

kind of funny...I just finished reading this book:

where a former city girl gives up the conveniences of urban life to start up a farm and CSA of her own.

Your dreams sound lovely and beautiful and I just know it'll all happen for you. My fingers are crossed!

The Oak Leaves said...

Ive been wanting to read the dirty life book... so many people have recommended it.

And trust me, my fingers are crossed too! If i get it, Ill invite all of you wonderful people to sit around a big fire with me in the back yard and we'll eat walnuts!