July 14, 2011

With its crippling heat, a blanket of humidity

Wilting leaves
And parched grassy lawn
Crisp beneath my feet

Your thunder storms can not redeem you

Give me Winter
Give me ice !


kate said...


can we just meet in the middle and settle on fall? haha.

the husband and i were just talking about how wonderful life would be if we could just have fall temps all year round.

The Oak Leaves said...

haha... I actually changed it to fall after first writing this... then I changed it back in favor of the dramatic :)

(and sorry , but Bill says you must leave your columbine seed pods until they're brown)

jessica/miniature rhino said...

me and you do not agree- give me heat! the sun and summer, give me cool drinks and lazy hot days...
(i'm from CA! nuff said)

Chrisi said...

:) In all reality I'm glad for every season... its just I only complain about the ones in which i currently reside...

My summer hatreds stem from the fact that im a gardener... just rips my heart out to watch a garden wilt!