July 24, 2011

From just out my back door
This morning

Oh, and i'm considering making this a photography only blog... what do you think?


Emily said...

hi christina. beautiful photo. i've been reading your blog for a while but i don't think i've commented before. i enjoy your photos and words equally :) the way you write is very calming. also i love your wilting marigold sketch from your other blog.

Kelby said...

Gorgeous raspberries. Yum!
I enjoy the photos... and the words that accompany them.

kate said...

berries! they're my plan for next year...this photo is so inspiring!

I too love your blog as is, but then again, it's YOUR blog so you should do with it what feels right. either way, we'll all love it still.

Hanna said...

Yum! I like your photos with just a short description below them.

Welcome said...

Good morning Christina. I wanted to tell you how inspired I am by the things that you make & the photos that you take. I write a lifestyle blog and would love to feature your "shelf villages" as part of a story I'm writing on small houses.
I see you also like Chiot's Run!
Have a good weekend.

Ambicka-Ekiert said...