June 17, 2011

(which are lovely)

Im thinking of
Stuffing some zucchini blossoms
for lunch today

I just burnt my bacon
In the oven

Thats it so far 


kate said...

was taking a walk through the woods yesterday and realized (again) how much I prefer wild flowers ("weeds", in particular), over store bought flowers, or even perennials. your arrangement is so pretty.

The Oak Leaves said...

Thanks! I definitely agree with you about woodland flowers, they're even better than the meadowy type i had there...

Do you guys have a park or your own woods that you walk in? We have a lot of battlefields around with tons of nice trails... cant pick their flowers though.

I sure wish I had someone like you around here to walk around with!

kate said...

There's a park behind us and a huge ravine with a creek to our right. We're lucky enough to have lots of parks and paths and nature trails around. I would LOVE to walk with you too. Damn distance.

The Oak Leaves said...

that sound awesome! There is this house down the street from where my dad grew up that is right at the edge of the battlefield we most walk in, and it is beautiful. We joke about moving there (like we could afford it), but i have somewhat bigger dreams than that place...

Oh, we'll make it a date then, if ever you make it to fredericksburg (or there abouts) we will take a walk :)