May 29, 2011


Procrastination, as Ive said before,
Has been my life long strong suit

 Im very very good at it
I perform well under pressure

My mother has always
Secretly wished Id be slapped in the face for it
So I could learn my lesson

But I always
Seem to come out
On top

Before the usual good performance
There is what seems to be an insurmountable
Amount of work

And at present, let me tell you, I am buried deep

I have 2 weeks
Until, i can again,
Rest easy

For now

Ps to anyone who is currently getting the silent treatment
Do not fret, soon, you too, will  be let back in


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you're pretty busy... I bet you're looking forward to "resting easy" once those two weeks are over!

I used to be a really big procrastinator myself, but now I've completely switched it around. Now, I prefer to get things done earlier rather than later so that I have time to do what I like afterwards! It was a pretty drastic change. I'm not quite sure what brought it about, to tell you the truth! LOL but I like it.

kate said...

One day at a time. That's my new mantra. Actually, it's more like One Project at a Time. In the last two weeks we repainted and redecorated our porch, put the finishing touches on the raised beds, overhauled the basement and built a deck! I'm right there with you on the tired front!

Hey, did you ever get that tattoo? I'm DYING to see it!

onesilentwinter said...

you described me so well.