May 11, 2011


Quarts of strawberries 
Every other day

Hand drawn
Mother's Day cards

Ceramic Mushrooms
On their way to Maine

Good moods
Good music

And little boats
With little twig masts
All tied up with string



Owlie said...

sounds so wonderful. i especially love the little boat! my bf makes these fantastic minute faery scenes and houses, but a few years ago he made a wonderful faery ship... I will have to post a photo sometime!!!

eva louise. said...

i love it all.

Anonymous said...

That boat is absolutely adorable. Fantastic! Are you going to sell little ships on Etsy now?

(PS: @ Owlie, that faery ship sounds AMAZING!)

The Oak Leaves said...

Taylor, Yep, I sure will be, Along with other things...

Eva, I love YOU!

Owlie, I'd love to see that