May 7, 2011

Leaf Miner Damage

Ive got it
Well, my columbines have it
It took them no time at all to turn lovely lush foliage
Into ghostly white shadows of their former selves

Its something I mean to deal with every year
And then never seem to get around to it.
Perhaps this year...

But who am i kidding
That sort of thing is just the sort i never get around to
Or else its to late too matter anyhow

Thats me for ya;
A day late and a dollar short!


kate said...

I was just cursing out the same problem with my own Columbine. So awful! My toad lilies are loaded with mold, too, from all of the rain we've been getting here. Gardening woes.

The Oak Leaves said...

I feel ya Kate! Its funny, though, that ill pick up a camera to take its picture, but wont go get something to fix the problem....

Anonymous said...

Too bad about the leaves... but at the same time, nice photo! ;)