May 17, 2011


In my dreams
I own a 500 acre farm
perhaps 100 open acres
And 400 in forest
At the base of the blue ridge mountains
In Madison county,

In reality I may be able to secure up to 50 acres
I can do that by selling my house

The house my grandfather
Bought new in the 1940's
Lived with my grandmother in the 50's
Where my mother grew up in the 60's and 70's
Where I played as a child in the 80's and 90's
And moved to with my husband in 2006

I dont want to leave this house
But since i was small
I knew I wanted a farm
And its still my main goal to this day

I want a certain lifestyle
A hard working
Easy going

In selling this house
And buying my land free and clear
I wont have any debt

We will build,
Over time
An authentic
Hand built log cabin
From trees felled in our woods

I will raise animals
And grow vegetables, fruits, and nuts
I will feed my family off the land
And I will do it as sustainably as possible

And we wont work for anyone but ourselves
Life will be pure and grand

Thats my dream

Videos like this give me hope
That I can actually 
get there


Owlie said...

what a wonderful dream, i hope it comes true and you have all the happiness and magic you wish for!
good luck xo

Jen said...

That is my dream too - but I'd be happy with Rappahannock County as well. If only I could get my husband on the same page. He enjoys his 5 minute walk to work and doesn't plan on quitting for my dream!

Lisa said...

What a perfect and beautiful dream!

Taylor Lynn said...

It's truly a beautiful dream... if you try, I'm sure you can make it come true! Good luck!

onesilentwinter said...

i have been there. belfast is my favorite maine town. it is lovely- the store proiduce goes quick. the hole concept is my dream.