May 19, 2011


I was away last night
In Arlington for my sisters 
Twenty fourth birthday
It was nice

But while I was away
There was a hail storm of epic proportion 
According to my neighbors

Everything in my garden is 
Shredded, broken, flattened

Its horrible
I cant even look at it any more
The green beans are just leafless stalks
Along with the the peas

The tomatoes with buds just emerging
Are broken down to nearly nothing

The strawberries are lying flat
Battered fruits fully exposed
To the flock of catbirds

There are no more green onions 
Left attached to the ground

I have been moving from one crisis to another lately. 
There is just no rest for the weary here on Oak street
I keep wanting to call it quits
Cancel the Renegade show
Cancel the garden
Cancel, Cancel,

But I wont
Life goes on

And what doesn't kill me makes me stronger
And better equips me for the future.
Or, so I keep telling myself



kate said...

oh wow. how awful! sounds like you have the right idea, though, just letting go and moving forward. hang in there!

eva louise. said...

oh, buddy, i'm so sorry.

The Oak Leaves said...

Thanks guys!

And eva, your package is coming....Ive got a couple more things to finish for you guys... better late than never :)

Anonymous said...

Ooh, that stinks... I'm sorry. I hope at least some of it is salvagable!

Jen said...

Oh no! I have a few spare tomato plants that desperately need to find a place to stretch their legs. If your plants didn't make it and you need some replacements just let me know!