May 15, 2011


Several years ago we planted two apple trees
In our little back yard

Where an old cedar 
Is covered in bright orange galls
That you only notice 
When it rains

This rust is passed
Back and forth
Between the two species
wreaking havoc on both

To treat organically,
You spray once the blossoms have set
This has effect only on the next years apples

And I always forget to spray
When the darn trees are in bloom

Not to mention the aphid Infestation
That i noticed weeks ago

And that is that.
No apples for us.


Are any of you as lazy as I am in the garden?


kate said...

Lazy here, absolutely. I too forgot to spray our apple trees, but I'm going to give it a shot anyway. If only it would stop raining!

Anonymous said...

Well, my family didn't even start a garden this year... my mom planted a few beds, but NOTHING like what we did last year. Or even like what we usually do! So I guess you're not the only garden-lazy one. ;) LOL