April 28, 2011

So here's that same bed several years later
Without so much charm
Things are stirring there, though...

Some purple potato
Yellow onions
The common sage
Miniature basil of some sort
Broccoli and B. raab
Sugar snaps
Scarlet runners

For some reason until this morning i wasn't stopping to smell the roses,
All i could see were whiskey barrels not yet serving their purpose as rain barrels,
Sections of fence that we bought back this winter still leaning against the house where we left them,
Unfinished beds, trellises, old clothes line poles yet untaken down... 
I also saw the groundhog again for the first time since it broke free when we trapped it...
I'm trying to forget all of this
(And all the rest I didn't feel like listing)

Whats the point in focusing on whats wrong?
I'm going to try to change this about myself once and for all this year.

This is my year...

I'm listenin to this
Looking for missing garlic bulbs
trying to keep track of the dog while the doors are wide open
and enjoying this post thunderstorm cool...
Have a good day y'all

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Anonymous said...

"enjoying this post thunderstorm cool" sounds lovely. I love that feel after it storms when everything is fresh and sweet...! <3