March 6, 2011

Late Winter is abloom
And I am in love

These white Hellebores are gently nodding
Right above the snow drops.
Its their first year 
Here in my garden

While the Ivory Prince is an old hat...
I am equally excited to see his prolific show

Is there anything blooming in your garden yet?


kate said...

Nothing! Looks like a barren wasteland out there! We're losing snow faster than I can keep track, though, so...progress, I guess.

every year I think about planting hellebores and every year I drop the ball. when is the right time to plant them?

The Oak Leaves said...


Its barely trying to warm up here... But its a cold rainy day today for sure.

Ive planted hellebores in the spring summer and fall with good luck. One thing I've learned is that the darker purple varieties take several years to bloom well...

I hope you see some blooming soon!

nicole said...

I love hellebores! Everything is still blanketed by several feet of snow here...

jessica said...

so nice to have the weather change. I can feel spring coming & everyone is out. it feels so good...
p.s loving your mushrooms!

Lotte Janssens said...

lovely !

Can you give me your mail adress please ?
I need it to invite you for my blog, I made it private.

you can contact me on

Lotte Janssens said...

it is not private anymore, there were problems with the invitation link with many people, so it had to change back.