March 23, 2011

Ivory Prince Hellebores
Are a favorite of mine for the shady garden
Starting out in pink buds
they open to white
Then gradually turn green over time

Its really quite a lovely show.
And perched on my rocking chair right above them
I have the perfect seat


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photograph, I love it! :D

The Oak Leaves said...

Thanks! they are even prettier now that theyve begun to open... Ill have to take a photo of every stage!

Anonymous said...

Yes, definitely- I'd love to see the photos. :) Have you ever considered selling photography on Etsy?

kate said...

Gorgeous! Just blogged about the local nursery getting their shipment of hellebores in this weekend! Finally! Can't wait to add them to the garden.

lotte janssens ( bellefleurdelis ) said...

so lovely