March 29, 2011

Im just a sucker for golden light
Please ignore the unfinished state of our attic

This is Icarus Tucker and Little Sparrow by the way
Alexander Sevens is busy watching the groundhog in the back yard
At the moment



BrittanButterfly said...

oh goodness me, these are soooo cute! and the light is beautiful. i love corgi, they have such great personality.

BrittanButterfly said...

oh, and how cute is this one?!?

The Oak Leaves said...

Thats just what Icarus looked like when he was a puppy, they are too cute with their giant ears and little legs... I was defenseless!

Taylor Lynn said...

Aw, cute pets! :)

Vica (sometimes Eva) said...

the cutest cat and dog photographs I have ever seen. and I love your attic too!

Snappy Di said...

Such precious photos of these two. :-)