March 4, 2011

I wish I could simplify like this
I have fallen in love with the glossy wooden floor


I am currently bed ridden
And have plenty of time to stare at the floor
It is embarrassing to admit for what,
But I have pretty badly strained my back
By simply being to stubborn
at the nursery

Keeping up with the boys
is not always as important as it seems in my head!
I have now learned this lesson well.


We had settled on just oiling our nearly seventy year old attic floors
But now I am torn and will have to do some smooth talking to convince the husband otherwise.
I'm sure it would brighten the bedroom to have lighter colored floors
Hmmm, this will take some serious thought
Fortunately I've now got the time.



kate said...

Oh man, sorry about your injury. Hope you're all healed up soon and ready for spring!

Those floors are gorgeous. I have a long-running love affair with painted hardwood floors, white ones in particular. i just can't seem to get up the guts to try it. Not with two dogs anyway.

Kathryn said...

I just discovered your blog and love the blog and your minatures! What a great idea!

nicole said...

I would love a simple, calm bedroom like this. I wish I could convince my husband to paint our floors too!

The Oak Leaves said...

I have grayish blue floors in my bathroom. They had put down layers upon layers of linolium on top of the oak, and its took so much work trying to get the glue off that i eventually gave up and just painted them. I love it!

I was so surprised to find out that my husband loved the idea of painting the floors upstairs. I cant wait. Its gonna take a hefty amount of paint though, the attic is pretty expansive...

(He was even into white)