January 30, 2011

Lately I've fallen in love
with the afternoon light illuminating the leaves
Of these (possibly) Sweet Bay Magnolia seedlings
I've been unable to confirm their name.
But I'm fond of them regardless.

Is anyone else spending time in the woods?


Liane said...

that's a real pretty picture. i would fall in love with them, too. i've been spending some good time outdoors this winter and i'm very happy for it.

The Oak Leaves said...

Im glad to hear it!

It always clears my head to go out woods walking... Its been a long time since I've been alone in the woods though, I'm usually with my husband and our dog. I'd like to get out there by myself more often.

kate said...

I wish I could find the woods under all this snow! Help!!!

The Oak Leaves said...

Kate, just come to Fredericksburg and I will take you woods walking!

Your blog is looking nice by the way :)