December 14, 2010

This morning I tried desperately to return to my dreams,
I'd do this every morning If other earthly things didn't pull at my strings...

It wasn't until I was in my 20's that I could remember any but nightmares...
I love to fall back asleep and have a bit of control as to where I land...

I got up and made fried egg and bacon sandwiches for the two of us
while Stephen rode his bike upstairs.
He wore heather gray pants pushed up over his calves.
It reminds me of little old knicker pants and I love to see him like that.

Which reminds me...
when he got home from work yesterday he had on black rain boots
with his jeans all jumbled up at the top of them.
I love it.

And he smells like smoke from the fire...
And citrusy Christmas trees that are being burnt in it.
Its the most wonderful thing.
He is counting down the days to the end of the season...
I'm counting down the days that he'll smell this way.

Now its time for tea.
Chamomile tea in my favorite mason jar.
With honey from Bill's bees.
Knowing where my honey came from is magical to me.

Ill sit and have some peace.

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