July 30, 2010

"Please slow it down"

I Feel Paralyzed.

Im not sure how to go about extracting motivation.
Cleaned the kitchen. ate potato pancakes
with sour cream and chives
from the jar in the window.

The garden desperately needs some
quality time...
The soil's calling to my fingernails.
They can hear it.

We went to the farmers market, my love and I.
new red potatoes, string beans, baby zucchini,
sweet corn, red peppers, basil, vidalias
and spring onions.

I'm suffering this dry summer.
trying desperately to
"Be the change [I] want to see"


Heidi Reszies Lewis said...

I just keep watering and telling myself it will be fall and then winter and then spring again, soon... and another gardening year to begin.

Earth Girl Knits (Emily) said...

take each day as it comes! pick one or two things to do each day. that way, at the end you can look back and see that you did something rather than fret about how much there is to do. soon it will be winter (oh dear) where at least in michigan, there's nothing outside that needs to be done except shoveling, salting, and skating. all you will have to worry about is advertising your shelf city beauts. :)