June 16, 2010


So, For the first time in his four finicky years Little Sparrow has decided the great outdoors is not so scary after all. Now he basically lives out there and comes inside only for food. He is a much happier cat and I'm glad he finally got bored of our living room and ventured out to join the others (less litter box cleaning for these folks!).

Also, Ive finally harvested my experimental radishes... and the sad fact remains; I DO NOT LIKE THEM! I grew the french breakfast variety having been assured that they were far milder than other spicy radishes. Now don't get me wrong i am not blaming the radishes...As the spiciness is likely due to my planting so late and therefor allowing them to mature in this record breaking heat we've had in Va. But i still dont think ill be trying again next year.
I also inter planted them with my carrot seeds. Supposedly they would mature right about when the carrots were to germinate and by harvesting the radishes i would thin my carrots... well, since the radishes have only now been harvested the 5" carrot tops were hit all at once by the summer sun and most burned up within a day... SO, next year i will plant my carrots alone and just grin and bear the awful thinning process.

The anemones that i planted are finishing up their show as well. It was a nice splash of color after the hellebore's all turned green and the mountain laurels finished blooming. The only question now is whether or not to cut them back. They look quite a mes out there at the moment. However, when i looked it up i found that if i cut them back they may not bloom next year... So as of this minute I'm not quite sure how to handle them. Any advice?

I had planned to weed the garden, cut the grass, and make shelf cities and foothills today... but so far all I've managed to do is sleep in till noon and make French toast for breakfast. Not a very productive day thus far... hopefully it will make a comeback.

PS... Our friend Jessica from miniature Rhino told me my shelf city hit the front page of Etsy this morning for the first time since Christmas. I guess it helps to actually have something in your shop to be featured :)


jene said...

what a cute cat... he's smiling : ]

Earth Girl Knits (Emily) said...


FRONT PAGE! Wow! Way to go Chrisi! I know it's not your first time, but I'm sure something like this really encourages you to keep creating such gosh darn cute little cities. I love them a lot. :) One would look so cute on my newly rearranged desk.