April 28, 2010

Other People Make Houses Too...

So Get Over It Right?

Well, that's the attitude I try to have towards it... After all, a good idea is just that; a good idea, and it may just happen to inspire others to expand upon it. So, Chrisi- Just get over it!

The only thing is, as soon as i get over one particular artist, another is discovered. Not that I don't like or even strongly desire some of these houses, towns, or villages... But each time I see a new set pop up with certain similarities, Id be lying if I said it didn't just eat away at my heart. I have, unfortunately had to deal with 2 counts of copyright infringement over the past couple years. That certainly took more away from my Innocent and trusting nature than you could imagine. Blah, blah, blah. Rant, rant, rant...

So, In an effort to better myself, I am going to feature those house making artists whose work i do long to have myself. Regardless of the origins of their inspiration (likely not me). These particular artists make fine work.

Image Credit: elukka

Image Credit: saysthetree

Image Credit: Finch and Four Acre


Anonymous said...

That is horrible that a person would copy someone else's work!! Even after looking at all of those other houses you posted, I still like yours the best! :)

The Oak Leaves said...

THanks so much, you so kind!

Kate said...

I agree. I like yours best.