April 10, 2010

In The Garden.


Earth Girl Knits (Emily) said...


We have a forsythia bush behind the house. A couple of branches have made their way into a big jar on the old yellow wooden coffee table in our living room. Sooo cheerful... :)

The Oak Leaves said...

same here, but mine were on the piano :)

Earth Girl Knits (Emily) said...

(I am confusing. I know that the picture you posted is not of forsythia. They just reminded me of pretty spring flowers and I thought I'd share. Just so you know.)

The Oak Leaves said...

underestood :)

les fifoles said...

I find your work beautiful and I just wanted to tell it (with my poor english:-)). In french I could say merveilleux, avec une grande sensibilité, cela me touche énormément.

Voilà. Anne

Heidi Reszies Lewis said...

Hi, Christina.
I just wanted to let you know that one of our CSA members, Jennifer Grohn, has drawn up a chicken ordinance proposal for Fredericksburg City Council. She has scheduled a meeting with George Solley and Ellis (I think.) Anyway, I thought you'd be interested since you left a message on my Summerbeam Garden blog last year regarding chickens. Her email, fyi, is:

Happy Spring!
-Heidi Lewis