March 13, 2010

"Lady in Red"

Photo: Gary P. Fleming/ © DCR Natural Heritage
found: here

Yesterday, for my birthday... My dad met Stephen and i at the nursery right as we were getting let off early. He was there to surprise me with a gift. I could spend $50 on our marked down perennials left over from last year. I was very happy to get 7 "Lady in Red" ferns and 2 Ivory Prince hellebore's. The ferns were all still cut back from being over wintered in the green house, so i wasn't quite sure what they looked like, but i have yet to meet a fern i didn't love. So this morning before our rainy walk i looked it up online. There are so many lovely images of this very lacy bright green fern. Definitely a beauty. I cant wait to put them in as a backdrop to my little woodland bed... This photo doesn't really show them in their full glory but i couldn't pass up sharing such an enchanting photo of the woods...

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