November 9, 2009

I Want to live in England... and Ireland.

Lately While perusing the vast and wonderful Internet, I've come across a few really lovely blogs, mostly involving crafts and gardening which just so happen to be two of my very favorite things... I see these gardens and am in awe of their beauty. I come to the decision that i just simply HAVE to have THOSE plants in MY garden! Then usually come to find that these gardens are in far distant lands, and contain plants that i can not easily procure in little Ol' Virginia. So, apparently in order for me to be truly happy, i need to move to England... and Ireland.

In other news, Now that I'm reaching the end of this flu of mine, for some reason my body has seen fit to inflict a cold upon itself. Just LOVELY! I dripped snot all over the unfortunate people who wandered into the nursery today....


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