May 15, 2009

The Quick little Adventure...

This photo by Bohdal

This morning... we got up and headed to the farmers market, only to find they were nearly all gone. What can i say, when you don't fall asleep until 4am, its hard to wake up with the sun... So we headed back in the way of Paul's bakery, then drove to the battlefield to eat fresh donuts. And being the way i am, i then got out of the car and decided a little romp through the field was in order... then a quick convincing to get Stephen to walk through some tall wet grass to the stone pyramid (battery). It was wet. By the end both of our feet were soaked. But first, we walked down the train tracks admiring the various flora at our feet. Our favorites for today being a pinkish flowering Oxalis (of which i cannot find a photo), and a yellow blooming primrose ( didn't bother looking up). We also came across two seperate feathers standing straight up in the gravel as if purposefully placed there. Apparently stephen thought we'd be disturbing somthing or other if we moved them. So no new feathers... they were vulture by the way.
Then we happened upon a railworkers misplaced leather gloves which stephen rescued from future decay and nonuse. Annnnnd as we realized i had to be at work in a half our or so, we did a quick about face and headed back... Over far to soon, i wish we had more little adventures in the middle of the day. Im making that a goal of sorts....

...and only one tick, so far.

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