November 14, 2008

The Poor Willow

I was going to post the gross pictures to show everyone how messed up he was, but then i figured i should spare the faint hearted... His leg and shoulder were wounded pretty badly by some mysterious dog? He went to the vet and was very mean to her. Apparently he doesn't like thermometers stuck up his butt (cant blame him), nor syringes shoved down his throat. The swelling in his arm has gone down and he is very mad that i wont let him outside... but he has several more days of having me shove a syringe down his throat (amoxidrops, ew.).

But now that
I'm sure his leg wont rot off I'm back to work for THEOAKLEAVES.
My sincerest apologies if you are one of the fine people whose shipping went out late due to this!

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