November 3, 2008


just because its so inviting down there...

Somehow while maintaining my shop aaand preparing for my december craft show...
Im going to try to take a short break from terrarium making.
Im not quite sure how that makes since, but...
I need a break from piles of dirt.

I went and bought a few things from the craft store today in hopes of starting some new projects. However, i couldnt find the metal alphabet cookie cutters i was after :( So that quick and easy project will just have to wait. I did find some fun wooden things, and put some thought into how exactly to go about stringing up all of my thousands of acorns into garland.

This year i am going to do a completely nature inspired tree (that is if my hubby agrees). Resin dipped leaves, Terrarium balls (as promised), acorn and moss garland, pine cones, and many many other bits... Should be nice.

Well, im tired. Its time for "try to sleep, round 2"
Good night all!

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