October 22, 2008

The First Groggy Night

It's dark, my husbands sleeping 15 feet away,
at the other end of the attic...

...and here i am, not sleeping.

My name is Christina, more commonly known as chrisi.
I am 24 years old, and i have warm blue socks on my feet.
Four years ago i fell in love with a boy. His name is Stephen.
We lived in Richmond together while i was in art school.
...until i dropped out.

Now we live in our own little house in Fredericksburg.
...along with a few cats and a dog.

I try to be an artist sometimes.
But I suppose mostly i'm a "craftsman".
A jack of all trades or something of the sort...

Last year i discovered the wonderful world of Etsy,
where i set up shop to sell whatever came spilling out...
slowly but surely it turned into a terrarium shop.


I'd love to have time to make other things,
but so far this endevour has been all consuming.

Right now i'm procrastinating (my forte).
My first ever craft show is two days away.
I have a lot of work to do!


Eloise said...

yay!!!!!!!!!!!a bright new blog from sweet Chrissi!!!!!!
and i have the honour of leaving the FIRST EVER comment!!!!
*oohh better make it a good one!!....oh what is should be..?...about best wishes..or...huge success..??/emmm????...?? help!*
how about a huge and simple thank you for sharing little snippets from your wonderful moss fairytale world :D
Welcome sweetheart :))
Hugs! Eloise xxxx

The Oak Leaves said...

You are too kind!
i hope your goodies arrive to your doorstep soon :)